Two Ways To Get Rid Of Household Pests

Pests are the most annoying beings to ever exist in this world. Even more annoying than the people in your life who just don’t know when to zip their mouth shut. The thing about these critters is that they manage to ruin things quite spectacularly. From timber cupboards, plastic Tupperware to books and even food, everything is in danger when pests get their tiny little hands on them.

So how can get rid of these frightful little critters. Well there are two main ways you can do so.

Use pesticides or repellants
So this is of course not a very eco-friendly option however it does work. if you have too many cockroaches hidden within pipes or timber finishes, you can choose to spray cockroach repellants or killer sprays within or on the surface you suspect the icky critter to be making a home in. However keep in mind that this can be harmful and even deadly if accidentally ingested. Which means you have to be very careful regarding how you use the spray. Try to apply or spray the chemical directly on the surface and nothing else.

Pesticides and repellants are generally made up of harsh and dangerous chemicals. Depending on the exposure you have to these chemicals, the effect can vary. If you happen to ingest food that has pesticide residue, then you would feel irritation and other minor symptoms. If you happen to accidentally drink a cup of the pesticide, chances of even making out alive is minimal.

However this is a quick way of getting rid of pests and if you wish to use this method, it is more advisable to let the professionals do it. You should contact pest control services to eradicate the problem. When they use chemical repellants or pesticides, they would do so with utmost care so you and your family would not be in danger.

Use natural ways
This is of course the highly eco-friendly way of doing things; just go natural. So when it comes to good cockroach control in Singapore or any other control of pests. You can use natural methods to do it. This means you could resort to handy household items or herbs to do the trick. When it comes to roaches, seal any cracks with chalk or other sealants so you would deny them entry into your home. Then you can use bay leaves to get them to leave. Roaches hate bay leaves, which mean the aromatic leaves are your best friend.

When it comes to rats and other rodents you could use natural liquid sprays made of herbs or you could catch and release types of traps in case you do not want to harm them.

In the end, whether you wish to use chemical repellants or natural repellants, always make sure you get rid of pests so that you can be in good health.