Tips For Planning A Conference For The First Time

A formal affair like a conference requires a lot of time from the people who are in charge of making it happen. You need to have all the details smoothened out weeks before the event starts, and be ever-ready to get going if even the smallest thing goes out place. Depending on the scale of the event, planning can take out the winds out of even the strongest sails.
Get your timelines figured
Before you even think about the seminar catering and the guests list you will need to have the timeline for the event finalized and solidified. Any changes to the timeline will set back your event plans for a week at least when you try to reset everything so make sure that there are no changes to the times and places of the event. Use MS Project or some kind of a planning timeline to track the progress and make sure that everyone knows how things are progressing.
Hotel requests
When you are booking a food supplier for a conference you will need to make a formal request through your institute to the event management of the hotel. If you want to go for the cheapest bidder (if your event is something that a lot of companies will vie to host), then you will need to put out a request for proposal to get different hotel groups to formally give their specs for hosting the event. For a request for proposal you will need to have finer details discussed and finalized with your management (like the guests list and the types of food and such).
Planning the budget
The budget will be a sensitive issue that you will need to carry out discussions for a month or so to finalize. When you are planning the budget you will need to have quotations for things such as seminar package catering in Singapore, equipment hires (numbers and types of equipment as well), number of guests, décor and other details as they will need to go in as line items for the budget. A lump sum budget will not work for a big event. There are templates online as well which you can use as the base to work on.
Make sure that you have a checklist of items to keep track of everything that needs to be done. You will need to make a visit to the hotel once you have chosen it, and maybe take the decorations group as well to decide where everything should go. Keep an online diary between the different people involved so that the same action does not get repeated twice when it comes to planning.