Things You Should Know When Moving Into A New Business Premise

Are you planning on moving to a new business premise? When you are moving into a new location there are many things you may need to consider first. It is not a decision that you should ever make in haste. When it comes to locating or relocating your business there many things that you will need to first take into consideration.

Here are some tips that will help you out.

Stake holder satisfaction

Finding out the satisfaction of the stakeholders to your business is top priority. You need to find out how the stakeholders to your business will react. You need to deduce how your customers, suppliers, employees and even potential leads, will react to such a situation. It is very important that you ensure your stakeholder parties are all content. However, it will definitely be an impossible task to get all your stakeholders to be satisfied. So the best thing is to compare and contrast to find out which option of location is most favourable to your stakeholders. And most importantly the very vital ones!

 Cost involved

You also need to draw up a budget to find out your financial ability and a forecast should also be drawn to decide on how much of funds will be need for the new location. If you can fund for it fully all by yourself then it is actually great. But if you cannot then you will need to find a source of finance. And that too, you will need to compare within the different options to decide on the best one for you. You should also look for other options rather than buying the location like getting an office space for lease in Singapore.

Business opportunities

It is always about business! You should almost always think from the business point of view about things. You need to ensure that you always do things to improve your business opportunities. By relocating your business you should be able to either gain more business or you should at least have something beneficial like a cost reduction. For instance, a serviced office rental premise is a great option because you can share the general service like reception which is not only an additional cost but also a necessity.


 The security of your office and its staff should never be compromised. If the location you are shifting to is known to be a location of many problems then you will should avoid such a location. Because finally the safety of your office and your staff should always be treated as top priority!