Being Yourself

This society forces you too much to be someone else. Need a career? Get a degree. Need to look good? Gain a thin body. Need to travel the world? Complete your desk job first. We have been hindered and barricaded by the standards and the stereotypes that we ourselves have put forward. It is greatly important to see through them to achieve what you really want in life. Turn on the television and you are able to see numerous propaganda that tries to convince you what perfection is. But if you for once stop for a moment and think what you really want out of life, it could be something that is entirely different from what they are trying to sell you.

This is why it is important to be yourself, because no one will know what you want, but you. It is important to see through the marketing and the lies that the modern society forces on you. Then, you will be able to embark on a path of your own to achieve your dreams. This attitude is very important in life. However, there are some who exploit the message of these thoughts. They seem to think that being yourself also includes what is not healthy for you, or people around you. As an example, instead of doing slimming and facial treatments to make your body better, some individuals exploit the concept of “being yourself” by practicing unhealthy and unhygienic practices that is not good for them or the people around them. Therefore, the exploitation of this thought should be stopped.

Tasks such as hair removal are because of beauty and hygiene concerns in beauty treatment centre. While beauty could be an arbitrary that could change, hygiene should be maintained at all times. It is always good to be who you are and accept yourself as you are. But if there is anything that you could do better, it should be done in a better way. It is only through such attitude that you can progress as a human being. For some people, “being yourself” is merely an excuse to be lazy, and that should not be the case in any scenario.

While understanding the importance of standing out from the rest of the society, the things that you do and the thoughts that you have should also be reasonable and healthy. It is never good to go to the extreme of any subject. In a conclusion, being yourself is an amazing thing that everyone in the society should do, but it should also be healthy for yourself, and the people around you.